More and more Poles tend to live and work abroad. Living in another country is their choice, but when they need to use psychological or psychotherapeutic assistance, they have to deal with cultural differences, language barrier or financial restraints. Some people travel a lot on business or privately, changing locations and time zones. There are also people who, for psychological or medical reasons, are not able to leave their house, temporarily or permanently. Other clients want to attend individual psychotherapy, but they either live at a large distance from the city and the psychotherapist’s office or they have so many duties that are not able to travel to the psychotherapist’s office for the sessions.


For all these people traditional psychological assistance or psychotherapy with regular meetings every week at the psychologist’s office, may prove difficult or even impossible. Psychological assistance or psychotherapy online, during which the psychologist or the psychotherapist is at his or her office and the client is at any place in Poland or abroad, may prove to be the best solution.

Najlepszy psycholog

At my office in Warsaw, I offer online psychotherapy for everybody who cannot attend meetings in a traditional way.


Online psychological assistance is a good solution for those who:


  • work or live abroad, temporarily or permanently
  • travel intensively and have irregular schedule
  • temporarily live in another city (business, moving with their partner)
  • have little time, especially for commuting
  • have specific difficulties making it impossible for them to attend meetings at a psychologist’s office (e.g. disease impeding mobility, high risk pregnancy, phobias)
Online psychological assistance assumptions:


  • the psychologist and psychotherapist works at his or her office
  • the client meets with the psychologist, being in any location that is comfortable for him or her (it is important that the client has comfort and confidentiality)
  • a psychological session takes the form of conversation over Skype. If there are problems with Skype connection, the conversation may be held over the phone
  • payment for the sessions of psychotherapy or psychological assistance is made via bank transfer or PayPal (PayPal allows also for payments with a credit card)

Psychological assistance online

  1. you contact me, at my office in Warsaw, in a manner that is comfortable for you: by phone, email, private messaging on Facebook
  2. you schedule with me a suitable time for online initial psychological consultation or a psychotherapeutic session (as a continuation of earlier meetings, e.g. psychotherapy held at my office earlier)
  3. you make payment for the initial psychological session by bank transfer, PayPal or payment with credit card via PayPal. For the following meetings, it is possible to pay after completing the session or settlement once a month or in other scheme that is convenient for you and accepted by the therapist
  4. you log into Skype free of charge (or set up a Skype account if you do not have it), find my account and add me to your contacts. I accept your invitation and we may meet and talk online
  5. at a time scheduled earlier, I contact you online (video chat) and we begin our online session of psychotherapy
  6. if you need an invoice or a certificate of attending a psychotherapy or psychological consultations, we may agree on the method of delivering the documentation (email or regular mail, in case of regular mail abroad the client reimburses the cost)
Duration of online psychotherapy


Online psychotherapy is no different from traditional psychotherapy held at the psychologist’s office. Usually, it lasts at least six months, but it may last much longer. It may happen that the client’s work with the psychologist comes to a close earlier when the circumstances change (for example, for professional reasons the client has much less time and is not able to schedule psychotherapeutic meetings, or a client attending psychotherapy to accept being unable to find a partner suddenly falls in love). Duration of psychotherapy is very individual and depends on many factors.


Online psychotherapy sometimes ends when possibilities for direct personal meetings with a psychotherapist arise, for example when the client moves back to Poland, concludes a contract in another city, changes job to a one performed in one location, the number of duties is reduced so the client may attend the meetings at the psychologist’s office or the reasons keeping the client at home cease.

Pomoc psychologiczna online

The moment when the client meets directly with the psychotherapist is a often very moving and joyful for both sides. A direct personal meeting of the psychotherapist with the client at the office allows the relation that has been built for some time over electronic devices become closer and more complete.






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