Rules of the “” website.



Owner: entity being the legal owner of the website

Administrator: entity administering the services available at the website

1 [Owner / Administrator]

  1. Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka with its registered seat at Cynamonowa 19 lok. 337, 02-777 Warsaw, NIP 951 157 88 97, REGON 147173181, is the Owner and Administrator (hereinafter “the Administrator”) of the “” website (hereinafter “the Website”).
  2. The content, information and other services presented at the Website are directed only to the persons staying at the territory of Poland

  3. The Administrator provides their services based on these Rules. Accessing the website and using its content is equivalent to acceptance of this legal note. The user not consenting to complying with the provisions of this note is requested to leave the Website.

  4. The Rules are binding for the persons accessing the Website without the need to conclude a separate agreement.

2. [Intellectual property]

  1. All intellectual property rights, especially the copyright and the trademark rights relating to all texts, images, photos, sounds and other materials, are the property of Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka or are covered by the permission to use by Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka issued by the owner.

  2. Without prior permission from Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka, the user is not entitled to:

    • using (copy/parts) of the Website or indications included in its contents for commercial purposes
    • modifying (parts) of the Website or including its content into other works (eg. paper documents, blogs or websites of third parties).

3 [Services]

  1. The Administrator provides within the scope of this Website the following services:

    • display the content and information about Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka company, its services, experience and team
    • enable contact with Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapeutka via embedded contact form

2. Access to the Website is provided free of charge, in particular no payment is charged on registering an account

3. The Administrator reserves the right to introduce a charge on any service provided in the scope of the Website and undertakes to inform about the changes and obtain a clear consent of the users prior to introducing the charges.

4 [Technical requirements]

  1. Technical requirements necessary to use the Website:

    • a computer with Internet access
    • a standard web browser with cookies enabled
    • an email account (for those services which require providing email address)

2. The Administrator reserves the right to temporarily suspend the services caused by modernisation or revamping the Website or conservation works of the IT system on which the Website operates

3. The Administrator is not responsible for interruption in supply of services due to reasons beyond its control

5 [Complaints and responsibility]

1. The Administrator will take every effort to ensure proper functioning of the Website and will provide assistance in resolving issues related to its functioning

2. All complaints related to the functioning of the Website should be:

    • submitted in writing and contain: first name, last name, email address, address for correspondence of the User and explanation of the complaint
    • sent by registered mail to the mailing address of the Administrator

3. Complaints shall be considered by the Administrator within 30 calendar days from the date of the receipt

4. The Administrator is not liable for the content of information and opinions submitted by the Users of the Website, in particular in the meaning of Chapter 3 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means.

5. All materials and information posted on the Website are not covered by the guarantee of the Administrator with regard to the value, usefulness, completeness or absoluteness.

6 [Sharing of information]

The User of the Website may share certain information, including personal data and the content of submitted messages, which is equivalent to consent to use for specific needs of the Data Administrator, which are specified in the place where the data is collected and in the Privacy Policy.

7 [Personal data]

1. The Administrator collects from the Users who use some of the services available at the Website (eg. contact form, application form) the following data:

    • First and last name / Entity name
    • Telephone number / email address

2. The User using the services available at the Website is always asked to take note of the goal of collecting the data and the Privacy Policy available here.

Each time, the User using the specified services is asked to confirm acknowledgement of the Privacy Policy by checking the checkbox, which is equivalent to accepting the provisions of the Privacy Policy in the scope of the Data Administrator’s obligation to provide information to the person whose data the Administrator processes. Lack of clear confirmation will prevent the User from using the indicated services.

8 [Final provisions]

1. In any matters not governed by these Rules, Polish law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means and the Act of 23 April 1964 the Civil Code.

2. Any disputes that may arise from providing the Services, shall be resolved by the court applicable to the seat of the User.

3. The Administrator reserves the right to unilaterally change the Rules after prior notification of the Users of the Website about those changes.

4. The Rules are available at the Website and in paper form at the seat of the Administrator.

5. This legal notice and using the Website by the Users are governed by the provisions of Polish law.

9 [Contact]

In case of questions or complaints relating to this Website, please direct your correspondence:

    • in an electronic form to email
    • in paper form to the address of the company: Cynamonowa 19 lok. 337, 02-777 Warszawa

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