I provide a wide range of consultations and therapies at my office in Warsaw. I offer my services to persons that need psychological and psychotherapeutical assistance, suffer from various disorders and seek solutions to growing problems. I provide counselling designed for personal and professional development that help my clients to better understand their partners, live a better life or stand up for their professional future. I offer:

Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

Hello, my name is Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

I am a psychologist and a psychotherapist with many years of professional experience

I have worked with individual and business clients. I have provided marital therapy, assisted teenagers and persons in crisis. I am an open and flexible person. My clients appreciate my empathic approach and effective support.
I have my office at Warsaw Ursynów district, where I can assist you not only in solving problems that arise in your life, but also support you in personal, social and professional development. I wish that my clients fully utilise their skills and knowledge, avoiding pitfalls they may encounter on their path. I believe that each of you may fully enjoy the comfort of life.


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Psychologist Ewa Kaczorkiewicz helped me in treating neurosis. Thanks to her assistance, I have managed my problems with building relationships with others. I can say that my life has changed thanks to psychotherapy. I can recommend services offered by this specialist.



Ewa is a great psychologist. We attended couples therapy at her office and it is mostly thanks to her that we are still together. Our friends recommended her to us. She is a person, who can find solution to seemingly unsolvable situations. We highly recommend her!



I had many psychological problems, for example I was not controlling my anger, my rage, I was not containing myself. Thanks to the psychotherapy at Ewa’s office, I can control myself. Ewa is a very down to earth person with great approach to her patients.



energy motivating for change, tranquility, care and experience bringing self-reliance



Communication is a vital element of my work. I pay a lot of attention to the words that are spoken and I listen carefully to return messages. I often practice effective communication with my clients because I realise it is a keystone of understanding in a partner, family or professional relationships.


Each client has his or her individual story that I want to know better. I am happy to provide support to my clients hoping that my commitment, knowledge and experience will help them to achieve improvement of health and mood or reaching their goals.

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You will feel comfortable and safe in my office at Warsaw Ursynów district. I take care that you feel comfortable and safe and our work is smooth and effective. I always carefully listen to my clients and offer them opportunity to make fully independent decisions. I am empathic and open to all issues that you want to entrust me. I am committed to seeking solutions of problems that may arise and ensure positive communication.


Assistance of an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist may be invaluable to development of your life and mood. Commencing a therapy may be the best solution to work off the limitations in your life and move on your own, well-considered path.


A psychologist with extensive professional experience

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