From the outside, everything looks great. You have a good job allowing to earn good money. You receive a promotion proposal or develop a new concept for a new business activity with your partner. You have large and fascinating projects, new clients. Your friends say they would like to be in your place and are astonished when you tell them that your situation has its disadvantages. They admire you and are a little jealous about your courage to move from a small city to the capital, your persistence and diligence that have brought you to your current position. You realise the costs you pay for it.

You may encounter:

  • pressure related to responsibility for other people: employees, coworkers, clients; pressure related to financial risk and possible consequences of your decisions
  • loneliness related to too few close relationships, friends and family; you do not have enough relationships because you simply do not have time to build and maintain them
  • problems in your relationship with your partner – you have been a perfect couple, now you take different paths, you efficiently perform all the family related tasks, but do you still love each other?
  • difficulties in building relationship with your children – when you come back home they often are already asleep, or when they are older you realise that while driving them to school you have no topics to talk about, you begin doubting whether you are a good father or mother
  • feeling tired and health issues – your body has been lately sending you signals that there is too much effort and stress (knowing about psychosomatics, you realise that your body and psyche may influence each other)
  • you may encounter psychical problems: anxiety attacks, depression symptoms, unexpected difficulties in a specific field, guilt, doubts about your professional development, meaning of your actions, self esteem or fear of criticism from others


If your experience these or similar problems, you may want to consider using a psychotherapist or psychologist assistance. Working with a professional counsellor will help you better understand what you deal with, what are the reasons and design and implement adequate solutions. Together with a psychologist you will examine the problematic issues as well as accompanying emotions, thoughts and actions. Your self-consciousness will expand and you will be able to introduce appropriate revisions.

My experience working with businesspeople


For many years, I have been working as a psychologist with businesspeople: employees of corporations, SME owners, senior managers, businesspeople developing new fields, investors or startup owners. My story has began with a large retail company and a specific position, which gave me an opportunity to contact people at various levels in the organisation as well as outside it. I learned there being flexible, open and understanding specific requirements of various people: different for a newly promoted unit manager, for an experienced specialist who wanted to manage his professional development the best possible manner, different for an expat, who arrived in Poland to create a sales network.


My next business experience I earned working in an IT, a manufacturing and an educational companies. I was a specialist, a manager, a co-owner. Luckily, at every position, my psychological education and earlier experience was very helpful.

Warszawa psychoterapeuta

After a while, I embarked on preparing and implementing advisory projects regarding management and employee development in a broad sense, which gave me an opportunity to work closely with many large organisations, including banks, retail companies, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, government institutions, universities. All these years provided yet another opportunity to broaden my knowledge and better understand various experiences of managers and businesspeople and difficulties they encounter every day. This especially covers the challenges businesspeople face as well as psychological aspects of their functioning, such as stress, responsibility for risk, constant pressure of effect and assessment, contradicting emotions, relations difficult to manage, keeping balance between the private and the professional life, constant focus of attention or more and more common feeling tired or even exhausted every day.

Gabinet psychologiczny Warszawa

After many years, I have decided to change my career completely and become a psychotherapist and work with a single person instead of providing psychological advice to the development of an organisation. My earlier career makes me understand really well a businessperson that visits my office and be able to offer a competent assistance. I know what difficulties and dilemmas he or she faces, what are the most common reasons for stress in his or her environment, why it is often impossible to accommodate business pressure with expectations of their family and close persons and why many successful businesspeople encounter psychological problems (anxiety, neuroses, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, doubts regarding decisions they had taken, panic attacks).


I invite you to meet me in my psychologist’s office in Warsaw, where I can help you solve your problems regarding functioning in business. Call me at +48 535 987 807 to schedule the initial psychological consultation. I am open to your needs regarding amendment of relationships with other people, social and family relationships, coping with stress, anxiety, neurosis or depression symptoms.






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