Working on the development of partnership or marital relationship

We can work over the development of our relationship, whether a partnership or a marriage, and work to be able to efficiently solve all issues that may arise. I propose various forms of such work to my clients in their relationships:

  • workshops and trainings on development of communication, assertivity, closeness, emotions and personal development
  • participation in lectures or reading psychological books on partnership and marital relationships, reaction patterns of the opposite sex, disturbances in relationships, family systems and transfers between generations, working with emotions and thoughts
  • couple (marital) therapy: regular work with a psychotherapist for people who encounter serious issues in their relationship and who cannot manage them on their own. This includes regular meetings of the partners with a psychologist, discussing difficulties in the relationship, looking for the reasons together, exercising new reactions and behaviours first in a psychologist’s office and then in real life
  • individual psychotherapy: for those who feel that the difficulties they encounter in their relationship are rooted in their past and experiences as well as current behaviours, emotional reactions and persistent thoughts
Terapia dla małżeństw Warszawa

Additional form of psychological assistance I offer to couples visiting my office are psychological consultations for couples aimed at their development: building closeness and trust, development of skills useful in being together (communication, assertiveness, mindfulness, understanding the partner), learning how to cope with too strong or too weak emotions.

Terapie małżeńskie Warszawa
Development consultations for couples

I conduct development consultations for couples and marriages in a similar schedule as couple (marital) therapy. Always, both partners participate in a session of psychological assistance. The meetings are longer than sessions of an individual therapy, because both participating partners need more time to present their point of view, say what they think or ask questions. Two-week break between the sessions with the psychologist give the spouses or partners an opportunity to observe their reactions and behaviours and practice the things we have discussed at my office.

During the session with a couple I always make sure that:

  • balance between the partners is held – that each of them is given enough time, space and attention during the meeting with the psychologist
  • respect for experiences, emotions and needs of each partner is given
  • the goals of the work are set in such way that every participant knows why he or she attends the meetings with the psychologist and is motivated for change
  • safety and comfort of both partners are secured, as only those allow them to open to each other
  • information given to me by my clients in my office is always confidential

Trust my experience

–  Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

Here link you can find more information about my work with couples in my office in Warsaw and what I pay special attention to.

Who can benefit from development consultations for couples?


Development consultations for couples held with a psychologist may be especially beneficial to those spouses, fiancees or partners that:

  • are enthusiastic and try hard to build a good relationship, but encounter unexpected difficulties in being close and creating a stable and lasting relationship
  • experience very intense emotions that are difficult to cope with (anxiety, anger, jealousy), or their emotions have faded to a point where the relationship ceases to be attractive
  • enter into fights during which they lose control – they cannot refrain themselves from aggressive words or behaviours, hurt each other, and then they are sorry about it
  • cannot talk to each other and together solve the problems that arise, but they know that they are important, close and attractive to each other
  • find it difficult to keep the balance between themselves and the partner, being together and being separate, caring about their relationship and caring about relationships with further family, expressing and fulfilling their needs and setting the boundaries and protecting themselves
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  • want to be close together, keep their relationship safe and for a long time, but have no idea how to do it, because they have no positive model neither in their environment nor in their families nor in their personal experience
  • are worried that earlier difficult experiences of one or both of the partners may negatively influence their being together and they want to anticipate and prevent problems that may arise

If you want to improve the quality of your relationship or need support in developing closeness with your partner or want to solve problems that arise in your relationship, schedule a psychological consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your needs and problems and decide whether to begin working together for improving the functioning of your relationship.






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