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Ewa Kaczorkiewicz

Psychotherapist,  psychologist

I am a certified psychotherapist and a psychologist. I have worked with individual clients, groups and organisations for almost 20 years. I have worked for private business, large corporations, government institutions and individual persons, using the psychological knowledge I have acquired during my studies. Currently, I offer individual psychotherapy and marital (couple) therapy. I work with adult persons and with adolescents. I offer psychotherapy in Polish and English, also online. I have my own psychological office located in Warsaw Ursynów district.

At the beginning of my career, I was counselling being employed at different positions: an assistant, a specialist, a manager, a co-owner of a consulting company. I have also realised large projects for corporations. I was doing executive search, advised on increasing effectiveness of task performance, designed training processes, conducted research on organisational culture and opinions, constructed remuneration systems and helped expats in settling down in Poland.

In projects realised for large corporations, I worked over the development of personal and professional potential of managers. I conducted and interpreted psychological test results. I designed tasks for testing competencies and trainings for developing competencies. I spent many hours discussing development with managers: their potential, skills or possible further career paths. As a result, I can provide psychological assistance and psychotherapy for business people, managers and business owners and I am happy to counsel my clients over issues related to their professional life.

Later, I changed my career path, deciding to work with individual clients and help them function better and become stronger. Instead of working for large corporations, I have chosen providing psychological assistance, psychotherapy and marital therapy. I have completed a four-year psychotherapy school. I worked as a trainee in institutions providing assistance for people suffering from violence, in an organisation providing support to people in crisis, at an emergency hotline for addiction and at a psychiatric hospital. I have completed numerous psychological and psychotherapeutical trainings and attended psychotherapeutic conferences in Poland and abroad. I have also completed my own psychotherapy as well as a training group therapy.


I integrate various approaches in my psychological and psychotherapeutic work, using mainly humanistic psychotherapy, emotion focused therapy (EFT), existential therapy and gestalt therapy. I provide psychological consultations, individual psychotherapy and marital therapy. I work with adult persons and adolescents. I work in English and online. I constantly develop my skills and attend trainings. I take care to have my work as a psychologist and a psychotherapist supervised on a regular basis.


As a psychologist, I also use my personal experience, what I learned during my marital crisises, while dealing with my own children (who are currently teenagers), emotions I feel in relations with persons close to me (my parents, my siblings, my friends) and my successes and frustrations related to my previous and current job.


I like wandering at a seaside, playing bridge and board games with my friends, and riding a horse. I enjoy travelling, discovering new places and visiting modern art exhibitions. On the weekends, I like watching TV series and cooking. I love watching birds, hedgehogs and squirrels visiting my lawn. I have been married for many years, with two almost adult children: a 17-year old son and a 15-year old daughter.

Foreign languages:


English: fluent (Certificate in Advanced English – CAE, presentations in English at conferences, translations, consultations in English).


All the psychological assistance that I provide, may be also provided in English. I may provide psychological consultations, individual psychotherapy and marital therapy in English.


Psychotherapy sessions, couple therapy and psychological assistance provided in English have the same price as sessions held in Polish.



My education and trainings I have completed:


  • Faculty of Psychology, University of Warsaw (graduated 1999), studies in psychology of organisation and work, master thesis on building influence
  • School of Psychotherapy, Psychological Assistance and Education Centre INTRA in Warsaw (graduated 2015): four-year specialist training in individual and group psychotherapy of adult persons within integrating approach based on humanistic-existential psychotherapy (850 hours). The school is recommended by the Polish Psychological Association and accredited of the Mazovia Province School Superintendent
ewa kaczorkiewicz konsultacje psychologiczne

Additional specialist psychological and psychotherapy trainings

Emotion Focused Therapy for Couple

Conducted by Rhonda Goldman, organised by the Psychological Assistance and Education Centre INTRA

Emotion Focused Therapy

Levels 1-2, conducted by Kurt Renders, organised by the Psychological Assistance and Education Centre INTRA

Gestalt Play Therapy

conducted by Felicia Carroll, organised by the Experience Institute

Warsaw Volunteer Academy

series of trainings on management of volunteer work, organised by the Warsaw Centre of Civic Cooperation

Professional, psychological and psychotherapeutic trainings


  • Mental Health and Family Problems Centre Synapsis, Family Therapy Group (2010-2013), family and couple therapy, additional trainings on methods and techniques of family therapy, marital (couple) therapy, genograms
  • Jan Mazurkiewicz Specialist Health Centre in Pruszków, Day Ward (2013), 470 hours of specialist psychotherapeutic training at a day ward of psychiatric hospital
  • Institute of Health Psychology in Warsaw (2012), emergency hotline for adults in emotional crisis: recruiting and training of volunteers, coordinating the work of volunteers, on-call work at the hotline, crisis interventions
  • Institute of Health Psychology in Warsaw (2012), emergency hotline for behavioural addictions (computer games, gaming, sex, etc.): opening of the project, recruitment, training and coordination, on-call work at the hotline
  • Nationwide Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence “Blue Line”, trainings, on-call work on the hotline, therapy, interventions
  • Gestalt Therapy Institute: one-year personal development program Gestalt Training (Cracow 2008-2009), theoretical and practical aspects of Gestalt psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, trainings

Psychological and psychotherapeutic conferences


  • PCE 2018 Facilitating Hope – Personal and Societal Challenges (Vienna 2018) – World Conference for Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling
  • Tormented World. How can psychotherapy help us? Hopes and illusions. (Łochów 2018)
  • Emotion regulation – a vehicle of change in psychotherapy (Warsaw 2018)
  • Integration of psychotherapy in a disintegrating world, 3rd International Conference of the Polish Association of Psychotherapy Integration (Warsaw 2017)
  • PCE 2016 Integrity Interdisciplinarity Integration, World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling (New York 2016)
  • Science and Culture. Psychotherapy and aggression phenomenon in contemporary world (Warsaw 2016)
  • Benefit of the Patient, Benefit of the Therapist, Benefit of the System: Ethical Dilemmas in Psychotherapy (Cracow 2015)
  • 2nd International Conference of the Polish Association of Psychotherapy Integration (Warsaw 2014)
  • Psychotherapy Works! How? Reflecting on Psychotherapeutic Process (Cracow 2014)
  • Boundaries of Psychopathology, Boundaries of Psychotherapy (Warsaw 2013)
  • Assistance to Children as Crime Victims, Nobody’s Children Foundation (Warsaw 2011)
  • Volunteers in Emergency Hotlines and Online Psychological Counselling (Warsaw 2011)

I am a member of:

● Polish Psychological Association, Warsaw Branch
● Polish Psychological Association, Nationwide Psychotherapy Section
● INTRA Association – Polish Association for Integrational Experiential Psychotherapy and Social Education
● WAPCEPC – World Association for Person Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counselling

Companies and organisations for which I have realised psychological business projects involving counselling; potential, skill and team development assessment; competence models; opinion research; recruitment; trainings

  • ABB
  • Agros Nova
  • AGS New Media
  • Bank Ochrony Środowiska
  • Bank Inicjatyw Społeczno-Ekonomicznych
  • Cemex
  • Colgate-Palmolive Poland
  • Dexia Kommunalkredit Bank Polska
  • DNB Nord Bank Polska
  • EMPiK
  • Galeria Centrum
  • GoldenLine
  • Grupa Żywiec
  • IKEA
  • Kakadu
  • Komex (5-10-15 shops)
  • Learning Systems Poland (EMPiK School and Speak Up)
  • LeasePlan Fleet Management
  • Marflex-M.J.Maillis Poland
  • Nowoczesna Firma
  • Polish Professional Volleyball League
  • Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych
  • Schenk Institute
  • Superpharm Poland
  • Warsaw Municipal Police
  • Mikołaj Kopernik University in Toruniu
  • Wincanton
  • Zara

Selected business trainings:


  • Transforming Communication, Schenk Institute (Warsaw, 2008-2009)
  • Discussing Development, Schenk Institute (2008)
  • How to manage an unexpected professional issue, Schenk Institute (2008)
  • Business Image, Schenk Institute (2007)
  • Being assertive, Homo Creatore (2003)