For many years, I have been working on psychological issues with young people, adults and senior people. I have been working with clients that were functioning brilliantly in almost every aspect of their life and with clients that were not capable of working, study or even get up from bed. I have been working with people employed by large corporations, business owners, government officials, physical workers and homemakers. I have been conducting psychotherapy of persons in depression, those experiencing panic attacks, insomnia, neurotic disorders and with addicted persons. I helped my patients to escape from violence, survive marital crises and recover from betrayal.

In my work, I utilise not only my psychological and psychotherapeutical education and specialist knowledge, but also my personal experience: I have been a wife for 15 years, I am a mother of teenagers, I am a daughter, a sister and a friend. I utilise also my business experience of an employee, a coworker, a contractor, a client, a business owner, etc.


If you need support in solving your personal or professional problems, seek methods of overcoming a crisis, experience psychosomatic symptoms or have been diagnosed with neurosis or depression, I offer my assistance. An individual psychotherapy is a method of solving numerous problems, putting the mixed psychological puzzle together again. As an experienced psychologist and psychotherapist, I can help you to regain control over your life. I invite you to contact me and set up the first meeting.

What does individual psychotherapy look like?
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An initial stage of individual psychotherapy always are consultations (psychological consultation sessions), during which me and the client discuss why he or she decided to meet with me, what difficulties he or she encounters in their life, what he or she expects of the cooperation with a psychotherapist as well as discuss story of their life and their current situation. During these initial sessions of psychological assistance, the client may ask me about the issues that trouble him or her and explain his or her doubts regarding their psychological problems and the psychotherapy itself.


At the next stage, if the client decides that he or she wants to work with me as a psychotherapist and I believe that we may achieve his or her goals, we agree to begin the individual psychotherapy. In practice, after two or three initial consultations, we agree to enter into a process designed for a definite number of sessions held regularly and with clearly defined goals. While agreeing on a psychotherapeutic work we also bsuch as rescheduling or cancelling a session, payment method or invoicing. These clear arrangements of all issues related to the psychotherapy and agreeing on them with the client are called by psychologists and psychotherapists a psychotherapeutic contract.

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I usually schedule meetings with the clients, who decide for my psychological and psychotherapeutical assistance once a week, on a set day of a week, at a set time. Individual psychotherapy session lasts 50 minutes. In special cases, for example in a moment of a serious crisis (recent decision on divorce, recent information about serious disease) or when the client’s depressed mood requires intensive work, it is possible that we set a different schedule or time of therapeutic sessions. In such situations we may schedule psychotherapeutic sessions more often than once a week.


If the therapy takes a long time, once in a while we recapitulate the sessions taken so far, we look again at the goals set up at the beginning, discuss the change that takes place and plan our further psychotherapeutic work. After the psychotherapy is completed, we summarise the whole process. However, if after completing the psychotherapy the client decides that he or she needs to return to the individual psychotherapy and wants to meet with me for several sessions of psychological assistance or for a single consultation, it is always possible.

I encourage to use psychological assistance also after your individual therapy has been completed. Help of a psychologist that you had trusted during your psychotherapy significantly reduces the future series of meetings because you do not need to get to know that person and build a relationship based on trust and understanding.


Individual psychotherapy. conducted by a an experienced psychologist or a psychotherapist, may be a method to solve many problems related to your functioning in social, professional and personal life. Think of improving the general quality of your life and call my psychological office in Warsaw. I have helped many people in distress.






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