This Cookie Policy relates to the website (hereinafter the Website). If you do not agree to this Cookies Policy (hereinafter the Policy), you are asked to update the settings of your browser or withdraw from using the Website.

What cookies are

Cookies are files which may be saved on your computer (or another unblocked device such as a tablet or a smartphone) while you visit the Website. The so-called cookie usually contains the name of the website it comes from, “lifespan” of the cookie (period the cookie exists) and a value, which is typically a randomly generated unique number.

What we use cookies for

Usage of cookies is necessary for proper functioning of the Website. We use cookie files to adjust the content of the Website to users’ needs, ia. to the region from which a user connects to the Website; to collect statistical data and monitor the activity of the users as well as to monitor proper functioning of all the Website functions to enhance them on a continuous basis. Cookies may be also used to enhance users’ interaction with the Website, eg. continuing the users’ session after logging in, which prevents the user from necessity to re-enter login and password at every subsite. We may also use cookies for building profiles of the users to provide them relevant materials in advertising networks, especially in Google. We are not able to identify you personally based on the knowledge saved in cookie files.

What type of cookies we use

At the Website, two types of cookies may be used: “session” and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are temporary files, which are present at your device until you leave the Website. Persistent cookies remain at your device for a longer period or until the moment when you remove them manually (the period of a cookie remaining at your device depends on the cookie lifespan and on your browser settings).

Certain type of cookies is necessary for websites to operate. This type of cookies are used to secure: maintaining user’s session; saving user’s session; monitoring availability of services.

Another type of cookies are files that are not necesary to use the website, but make using it more comfortable. These files are used to enable: verifying whether the protocol for cookies functions correctly; setting preferred language, currency, font size and other similar features enhancing using the application.

Do we use cookies of third parties?

We may use services of other providers that may also save cookies on our behalf during the time you visit the Website. Those cookies enable the providers deliver the services they provide. While visiting the Website, you may receive cookies from third parties – their websites or domains (eg. from Google).

The third parties use cookies for: monitoring traffic at our Website; collecting anonymous, collective statistics, which help us understand the manner the users use our website and enable us to enhance our products on a continuous basis.

At the date of preparing of this document, the third parties include: Google Analytics (more information and the add-in to block Google Analytics:

Can I manage or remove cookies?

In most of web browsers, cookies are accepted by default. You can change your browser’s settings to block cookies or to receive an alert when cookies are sent to your device. There are numerous ways to manage cookies. Please refer to the instructions of your browser or to the help section to find out more on adjusting or changing your browser settings. Below you can find information on changing your settings in major browsers:



Internet Explorer


If you block the cookies used by the Website, it may influence your experience while using it. For example, you may not be able to visit certain areas of the Website or not receive information personalised to your region during browsing the website.

If you use different devices to browse the Website (eg. desktop computer, tablet, smartphone), you need to ensure that all browsers used at all your devices are adjusted to your preferences.

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